[Workshop] Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones for Your Success in 2021 – Hess Adnani

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No matter what goal you have in business and your life, habits play a huge role in getting you there. Good habits push you a step forward, and bad habits hold you back. Habit building is never taught in schools, so it’s really not our fault that we have difficulties keeping the good ones and breaking the bad ones. The problem is not us. It is the system that we use.

In this workshop, we will go through various systems and techniques to help you with habit building and breaking. We will also work together in teams interactively to integrate these systems within our life routines.

This workshop is free and can change your life’s direction towards your success and your goals in 2021 and onwards. Join us on the 21st of January 2021, 6:00 PM to explore these systems.

About this guest

Hess is the co-founder and business director of Sorxmedia Inc. As a serial entrepreneur and startup consultant, Hessan has been closely involved in various entrepreneurial projects. His contribution is to develop new products and scale and market them within industries. He has a background in product design and development both on technical and graphical grounds. He also is active in constructing innovative marketing and advertising strategies.

Since 2016, he has been consulting other startups on the advancement and marketing of business ideas and products through his award-winning “SockSeed” startup. In 2018, he co-established “Sorxmedia Inc.,” a digital agency prospecting talented tech startups and entrepreneurs to develop their products or services. He helps these startups work out their go-to-market, media, and branding strategies. He also supports his network to go through funding rounds and persist with growth.

His passion for the world of entrepreneurship is limitless. His vision is to increase other entrepreneurs’ success rates and help them survive and mature in today’s competitive markets.