Waking Up Early for Success: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Up Early From Tomorrow!

Back in 2018, I discovered the benefits of waking up early for success, when I took half a year off from working as well as being involved in any projects. I was just helping a friend part-time in developing his app to have a small income. During this period, I had a lot of time on my hands to unearth things about myself that I never knew before. Before this period, I had 3 failed startups, which kicked me off the grid and made me doubt my skills. It wasn’t a pleasant time but, it definitely accelerated me through my self-development path. 

One of the significant findings during this period was the power of waking up early in the morning. I was always a hardcore night owl and, I was working on projects even after 1am. I was damn productive! However, I always knew something was wrong with this routine, especially when I woke up at lunchtime, missing my entire morning.

A friend of mine introduced the book Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I read through it and decided to give it a try. I started waking up at 5am and, I did everything the book introduced to me. It was a nightmare at the beginning to be waking up that early (after being a night owl for 10 years!) but, I slowly got myself into it and was shocked how much difference it was bringing to my life. I have become a different person since that day I woke up at 5am and honestly I thought it was such a bad idea to start with!

Since then, I’ve never gone back to being a night owl and most probably never will. In this post, I will go through the benefits of waking up early for success and why you should give it a try from tomorrow morning! If you’re already waking up early, then, “bene factum!” (well done!) and let me know if the below reasons resonate with you in the comments section below.

Reason #1: Silence

People don’t realize how important silence is. Some people even run away from the silence because they assume that it is boring or their voice within (ego) tortures them when they practice it. So, they quickly distract themselves with their phones, friends, music, etc.

Silence is a fundamental need for our brain and for our soul. Silence is what allows us to sort out our turbulence within. With our inner self being disturbed, our functionality in the external world is crippled. 

We need silence to listen to our inner self and let it talk to us to tell us what’s wrong or right within. We need silence to unload our subconscious of the issues that are being kept there for a long time. Silence is like opening up the Task Manager on your PC (Activity Monitor on Macs) and stopping all the unnecessary tasks to gain back computing power and speed. 

If you wake up early in the morning, before everyone else, then you will have that silence that you need. What’s important is to keep that silence for at least an hour to give yourself a chance to unload thoughts, issues and, start having epiphanies. You could meditate, go out for a walk without your music or, just sit by the window and gaze outside. If a voice, a feeling, or a vision comes up during this silence, then you should listen or look into it and resolve it if necessary. Sometimes, your own body and soul tell you what they need and what’s been hurting them. 

Reason #2: More Hours

One of the first things that you will notice by waking up early for success in the morning is that you feel you have more hours in your day. If you breakdown your day into sections, you have the morning section until your lunch; you have the afternoon starting from right after your lunch and then your evening until you sleep. Usually, after lunch during the afternoon period your productivity decreases therefore, it is better to relax rather than pushing to be productive. Around 7 – 8pm is when your day finishes and, and you’re cooling off. Basically, you’ve got your morning and half of your evening to reach your peak of productivity. 

Now, if you wake up at 5am and start being productive from 6am until your lunchtime then, you doubled your morning productive hours! You have given yourself at least an extra 4 hours of peak performance. In a working week, that’s 5 times 4 hours, which is an additional 20 hours! That’s a part-time job! That’s an extra month +10 days in a year!

Waking Up Early for Success

Reason #3: More Creativity

God, I love my creativity in the morning! That’s the only time during my day that I can harvest such intense creativity and turn it into useful work! As a matter of fact, most of my blog posts are written in the morning. Ask me to write you something after lunch and watch me collapse on my keyboard! 

There are 2 ways to understand why you’re more creative in the early morning. The first way to analyze it is by looking at it physically. If you get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep per night then your body, brain, and soul are ready to hit their high performance. Everything about you is fresh and ready to go. Therefore, you will be able to utilize this readiness and turn it into useful work!

The second way to analyze it is by looking at it spiritually. I’m about to tell you a concept that is new to me too, since it only revealed itself to me a few weeks (obviously in the early morning). Us humans, as conscious beings, harvest our spiritual and conscious energy from the same source. If you wake up before everyone else, you have more energy to harvest since everyone else is sleeping and offline. And you guessed it right, this energy is the base of our creativity. It wants to transform itself to form and, therefore, does that, using our help through what we know as creativity.

Creativity is the key ingredient of success. So, if that’s what you seeking, wake up early for success and for your businesses and projects!

Reason #4: It's Healthier

Sleeping at sunset and waking up at sunrise is what our ancestors’ sleeping routine was like. If you find yourself in nature and stay for a few days, you will notice that your body automatically adjusts to this sleeping routine within a day or two! Give it a try, go camping for 2-3 days and, you will understand what I mean by automatic.

I believe anything happening automatically and naturally to our physical body without distraction is the healthiest form of ourselves. The universe always finds itself back to being in equilibrium and, being in balance is healthy. 

If our body naturally adjusts to sleep at sunset and wake up at sunrise, this is definitely the routine that works the best and will make us healthier. So, believe in your body and let it do what it’s supposed to do!

Reason #5: Better Mood

Back in my night owling life, I was always sort of grumpy during the day. It got to the point where my friends were noticing it too. I didn’t want to be gloomy but, I was without knowing it. Being grumpy was affecting my social life and directly affecting my businesses. 

When I started waking up, I noticed my mood was getting better and my happiness was increasing. That was when I realized just how grumpy I was before as previous to this,  I had no happy mood to compare it with! Within 21 days of journaling and stress testing my new routine, I noticed a massive mood shift and how I was getting back to normal in social environments. I was becoming a human Labrador! 

To this day, I haven’t figured out why waking up early for success in the morning shift your mood positively. It might be because I began living healthier. It might be because I wasn’t fighting my body by going against its natural sleeping habits. Whatever it is, it does good for your mood.

Waking Up Early for Success

Like every takeaway that I write, I invite you to give it a try and see it yourself! It will be tough to wake up early initially but, if you do it consistently for 21 days, you will never go back to any other sleeping routine. You can have a wake-up buddy and do it with him/her. You can take journals, track the process, challenge yourself or, whatever else will keep you waking up for 21 days. 

This routine has changed my life and, it will change yours. I believe, waking up early is the first step in being successful in life and achieving your desires. So, tomorrow, when your alarm goes off at 5am, just remember your desires, your dreams and remind yourself why you’re waking up early. Don’t snooze, just get up no matter how hard it is and, you will see within 2 minutes, you’re actually okay with it.