Turning Your Past Pain into Empowerment & Excitement in Life | Amie Barsky – Hess Show #3

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Amie Barsky is a high-energy, ice cream-loving, soul-filled & celebration living spirit. She has worn many hats in this lifetime, from an NFL cheerleader to traveling the world as a professional dancer, turned actress, turned pilates/yogi, turned “heal yo self & listen to your soul’s calling,” landing her here as a Women’s Empowerment Coach, specializing in trauma & emotional wellbeing.

She lives and breathes self-love and personal empowerment through the studies of science, mind, and spirituality. Her humanitarian heart is huge. Spearheading her non-profit, Maryvale Angels, from 2005 -2018, teaching yoga & breathwork at an orphanage in Varanasi, India, and most recently jumping on board as a volunteer with nonprofit Build On, building schools in Nepal (2017) and Malawi (2018)  to share just a few volunteer experiences that melted her heart.

Amie is the creator of The Shift Method: 5 steps to Unlock your Life and The Shift Breakthrough (30-day Head, Heart, AND Body online program). Through these programs as well as guiding workshops around the world, Amie has helped so many people turn their past pain, low self-esteem, and self-worth into feeling empowered, confident and excited to live their most authentic life from a place of joy and fulfillment.  Service is in her soul, and she is just getting started!