The Road to Producing Award-Winning Film Featured on NBC & MSNBC | Stefano Da Fre – Hess Show #2

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Stefano Da Frè is the President & CEO of Rosso Films International, a global Film Production Company with offices in New York City, New York & Montreal, Canada.

He is an award-winning filmmaker, with a recent documentary “The Girl Who Cannot Speak” playing on & featured on MSNBC. The film won top 5 honors at the Cannes Film Festival in France & won first place in four Oscar-qualified film festivals respectively.

Stefano’s directorial focus has been on social justice issues, namely Climate change & school shootings.

Currently his newest documentary “The Day I Had To Grow Up” was released in November 2020 featuring six youth activists involved in Black Lives Matter, Parkland school shooting & America’s student debt crisis.

This film has earned high praise from critics & been featured on CBS Morning last week & RT on the World According to Jesse Ventura with Stefano Da Frè as a featured guest with the former Minnesota Governor.

This past year, Stefano Da Frè won a Platinum REMI Award at WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival and “Best Documentary” at the Switzerland International Film Festival.