The Future of NFTs in Cyprus – Panel Discussion with Oi Kattoi NFTs Founders

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Eric Georgiades and Panayiotis Savva, co-founders of the Oi Kattoi (Cats of Cyprus) NFT project, are joining us to discuss their journey of creating one of the first NFT projects in Cyprus. During this event, we will first get to know the new NFT market that is buzzing out there and then find out how they got started with and are running their NFT project, Oi Kattoi (Cats of Cyprus).

We will go through their background, professional experiences and step into the NFT world. You should also be expecting more Web 3.0 topics being discussed like Cryptocurrency, Metaverse, DeFi, and many more.

About this guest

Eric (a.k.a. @ad3z) spends his time on passion-driven projects and working for The Pao App during the day, and crazy Discord servers at night, while also installing Helium ($HNT) antennas on roofs.
Panayiotis spends his time learning, innovating, thinking and doing! Co-founder of CYBITS Blockchain technology in Cyprus.