Rising from the Bottom to a Multi-Million Dollars Investment Portfolio | Macie Mata – Hess Show #1

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Macie Mata is a passionate, Investor and Business Coach based in Charlotte, NC. Her financial career started 10 years ago with Wells Fargo. Macie relocated to the Queen City from Nashville, TN where she then spent three years partnering directly with over 40 Retail Banking Centers and 250 Business Bankers to help drive financial success to companies generating $250K to $10M in revenue . In 2017, Macie expanded her consulting experience to technology companies and began thinking beyond her financial career. Since her technology exit, Macie has been using her experience to coach Founders in the development of proprietary business practices that drive the raising of capital as well as the overhaul of business models in preparation to scale, resulting in $6.5 million in total fundraising for startups and real-estate development within the Charlotte Market.


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