How the Art of Giving in Business Can Result in Growth

The concept of “the art of giving in business” is very new to me. Like many other people out there, my idea of growing a business was all about business and financial models and how I could “cheat” the system to gain more sales. I was living and breathing with sales funnels and catching my potential customers at the right time and with the right mindset. My whole mentality on starting and growing a business has all changed now, and, in this post, I will talk about why you should and how you can integrate the art of giving in business within your current or new upcoming projects.

Why Giving?

It’s all about the flow. Flow of…basically everything. If you pay close attention to anything within our observable physical world, you will notice that there is a flow in everything. For example, rain is part of a flow in which water circulates from hot grounds evaporating and moving to colder areas, condensing and raining then, flowing back to the hot grounds.

So, there is a flow in everything we do. A flow of giving and receiving. That’s where the concept of giving sparkled in my head. If our world is running on cycles of giving and receiving, this rule should also apply to businesses. The obvious giving and receiving cycle within a business is offering benefits (products and services) to obtain a form of currency. However, there is more to this cycle which we will cover soon.

Giving Without Expectations

After researching more about the art of giving, reading books (got one here for you: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra) and watching videos, I understood that giving could have different forms:

  1. A giving in which you expect something in return
  2. A giving in which you expect nothing in return

Most businesses only give to receive something in return, which is the cornerstone of commerce in general. However, many companies don’t have a clue about how strong the impact of giving without expectations is. At first, you might think, if you don’t receive anything in return, then what’s the point? Where is the catch? There is no catch! That’s what makes this type of giving so strong.

Now, imagine the flow of wealth and success visualized as a spring that can be compressed and expanded. If you squeeze the spring, eventually it needs to decompress and get back to its equilibrium, which is the same as how our universe works. When you give, it’s like compressing the wealth and success spring, and the universe should release back to you your intentions to reach its equilibrium. Now, by giving without expectation is like compressing the spring even further. The more you compress the spring, the higher it will jump up and, the faster it will decompress. That’s what giving without expectations does to your wealth and success flow. 

When you give without expectation, the universe will provide you with something back triple the size. When you integrate the art of giving in business and culture without expectations, your business will thrive and get bombarded by gifts and abundance from the universe.

The Art of Giving in Business

The True Meaning of Giving without Expectations: Letting go.

When I started practicing the art of giving without expectations, I didn’t get it quite right. I gave benefits back to the people around me and within my business (Example, doing Pro bono work, etc.). However, something didn’t feel right. Something wasn’t clicking. I spent some time analyzing the situation and, I realized that I’m still giving with expectations. My expectation was for the universe to provide me with something in return. Yes, I wasn’t expecting anything in return directly from the receiver but, I hoped the universe would indirectly give me something in return. I was waiting upon it. 

You might be confused now. Trust me, I was too, before my point of realization. In the previous section, I literary talked about the flow of abundance and the universe giving back triple the favor, so how is this still not the right way?

It took me a while to realize that the true meaning of giving is when you both externally and internally do not expect a thing. Not expecting anything from the receiver and the universe means that you shouldn’t deeply feel that you deserve a return when you’re giving something away. Your business shouldn’t be giving benefits away within a larger plan of an ROI. If there is a Return on Investment involved, then we fall back to the first type of giving, giving with expectations. This type is still a giving that spins the cycle of abundance but not as strong as the second type.

The true meaning of giving without expectations is to give, enjoy giving, and then let it go. If you manage to enjoy giving, then you’ve already got the best result you could ever get, joy! 

The Art of Giving in Business: New Businesses

If you are an owner of a new business or a startup then, you’re definitely in the right place. The art of giving is what you need to accelerate your growth and success. Let’s say you’re into creating educational courses for your market. Creating the courses and hard selling it to your market could be a way to go but not as effective as integrating the art of giving into your business plan. 

Now let’s look at a different approach. If your business’s main priority is to educate people and provide them with real tangible benefits then, you’re moving towards a whole new direction. If you put aside the financial gains for a bit and focus on giving to your market, then you will gain fans and people who genuinely believe in what you’re doing. If you offer your courses for free for the purpose of helping people generously then, this positivity fluctuates and attracts more people. We’re conscious beings and, we get attracted to positive vibes and energies.

What’s said above is a great way to start your business. Just give away your service or product for free and do it because you genuinely want to help people within your niche and not for a catch or larger plan within a funnel. Give it a try and, you will notice that you will perfectly align with the universe and, the universe will lead you in the right direction. You can feel it when you’re on the right path! After a while, the universe will illuminate ways to monetize your business successfully and attract your market to your offerings and products. Also, your business will attract people working for you with the same mentality. 

If you look at any of the successful brands out there, you will surely find a moment that the founders focused on giving rather than gaining. They cared, almost obsessed, about creating a product or conducting services that genuinely could help their customers and, they’ve done it so passionately. Their goal was not to get rich but to actually solve a problem and take away the pain. That is giving without expectations. The art of giving in business!

The Art of Giving in Business: Established Businesses​

So far, I believe you understand the concept of giving without expectations. You might be an established business owner, a team leader or, a manager reading this article and wondering how you could practice this art of giving. For you, there is a broader range of activities and initiatives which you can integrate into your already existing business. You could apply this law in:

  1. Giving benefits to your customers and market without expectations
  2. Giving benefits to your employees and partners without expectations
  3. Giving benefits to our planet and nature without expectations

Similar to the previous section, every now and then, you could practice giving away benefits to your market and customers with absolutely no expectations. If you’re a consultant, consult people in need for free. If you’re a designer, design something for a more significant cause for free. If you’re a lawyer, give your legal services to the people in need for free. Do it without a plan. Do it without expectation. Do it like you’ve lost your mind and gone crazy!

Don’t forget the people working for you. Your company culture should always benefit your employees. It’s a great idea to give away stuff to your crew regularly; however, your company culture should always help your employees. You should take care of them and treat them like how you would like to get treated. Practice the art of giving without expectations within your team and, you will notice a massive change in your team’s productivity and passions. Again, please don’t do it for financial gains or manipulate, do it because this is the right thing to do!

Finally, our planet is our loving host. You would never treat your host, who is taking good care of you badly. Lots of businesses forget about our earth and our nature. I believe giving benefits back to our environment is a must. I don’t see it as giving. I see it as returning the favor, a duty. You can practice a day trip with your team to clean up beaches, forests, and parks. Don’t have time? You can provide your services or even donate to organizations who are already taking care of our planet. 

Take Away

You will never know how something works until you try, right? So, try giving without expectations. Do it in your daily life and not only within your business. Find joy in it. Make it a habit. You might be thinking that you need to give thousands of dollars or volunteer for months to follow this law in your head. It’s much easier than that. You can practice small gestures of giving daily. Give little but give regularly. Give smiles, hugs, high fives, mental and emotional support, blessings, small gifts like a flower, your attention for 15 minutes, your expertise and skills or, whatever that is needed at any given time. Give. Enjoy. Let go.