Getting Started with Cryptos, NFTs & Web 3.0 for Absolute Beginners

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About this event

We are experiencing massive trends in Cryptos, NFTs, and Web 3.0 everywhere, and sooner or later, we all need to adapt to these new technologies. The DotCom Boom is repeating itself. We have two choices: to wait and be forced to learn about the Cryptos/NFTs when it’s too late or to know it now and ride the current waves of opportunities.

In this workshop, we will get you started with Cryptos and NFTs, even if you’re an absolute beginner with no technical background. We will be discussing:

  • The fundamentals of blockchain technology and how Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and Web 3.0 work
  • Setting up your digital wallet
  • Understanding the Cryptos and NFTs markets
  • How to keep your assets safe and spot scams
  • How to buy and store cryptocurrency
  • How to buy your first NFT
  • How to spot opportunities
  • Essential investment mindset when it comes to the Crypto world
  • Crypto communities
  • And many more…

About this guest

A high-energy and self-motivated serial entrepreneur, community builder, marketer, and tech developer with a track record of founding, running, and scaling communities, startups, and businesses.

Hess has been active for 11 years in entrepreneurship, tech, cryptocurrency and blockchain, e-commerce, and peace-building activities. He specializes in growth strategies for products and services. He actively constructs innovative marketing and DTC online advertising strategies and funnels. Community building is his passion, and Hess has a solid drive to unite people regardless of differences.

He is well educated in eastern philosophy and conscious living. He enhances culture within companies and operations by blending these philosophies within the business and corporate environment.