From Tech to Mushroom Farming. Fireside Chat w/ Vas Joseph Co-Founder @ PinkPanster & Freyia Labs

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Vas Joseph, the founder of PinkPanster & the co-founder of Freyia Labs, is an enthusiastic product and marketing director with over 10 years of experience in management, marketing, sales, business development, and client services. Vas recently decided to move away from his years of tech experience & focus exclusively on farming mushrooms in his high-tech labs. We will find out why he made this big shift.

During this event, you will find out about Vas’s background, how he has progressed in his life, and why he picked the tech and farming sector to operate. There will be a deep discussion of his experiences and challenges on his professional and entrepreneurial journey. We will learn about the future of mushroom farming and what the industry is moving towards.

The event doesn’t end here! You will also find out why he is a big fan of automation, even in his current labs, how he had a life-changing epiphany, and much more. You will also get a chance to ask Vas your related questions. We are so proud to have him with us on the 18th of March. See you all soon virtually!

About this guest

A knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and energetic product and marketing director with over ten years of experience in Management, Marketing, Sales, Business Development, the Internet, and Client Services. Multilingual by the tongue, multilingual by technology; passionate about business, driven by creativity and hive-minded organizations. Skilled in managing multi-disciplinary projects and resolving complex challenges by identifying and delivering relevant solutions. Proven ability to formulate strategies and manage teams of professionals to execute both production and branding tactics aimed at engaging the relevant market.