Close More Deals for Your Business

Use This Single Negotiation Technique to Close More Deals for Your Business

This blog post might sound similar to all the other articles about how to close more deals for your business with unrealistic techniques. I understand that you might say, every negotiation is different, and one technique can’t be applied to all of them. But, just hear me out because this technique has continuously worked for …

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break a bad habit

How to Break a Bad Habit No Matter How Addictive it is

If you’re into self or business development, then you must’ve faced some difficulties breaking a bad habit. Habits like procrastinating, digital distraction, bad sleeping routine, unhealthy eating habits, etc. These habits sometimes feel like they’re blocking your journey to become a better you. No matter how much you tried to break them, somehow, they sneaked back into your life.

Waking Up Early for Success

Waking Up Early for Success: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Up Early From Tomorrow!

Back in 2018, I discovered the benefits of waking up early for success, when I took half a year off from working as well as being involved in any projects. I was just helping a friend part-time in developing his app to have a small income. During this period, I had a lot of time on my hands to unearth things about myself that I never knew before. Before this period, I had 3 failed startups, which kicked me off the grid and made me doubted my skills. It wasn’t a pleasant time but, it definitely accelerated me through my self-development path.

The Art of Giving in Business

How the Art of Giving in Business Can Result in Growth

The concept of “the art of giving in business” is very new to me. Like many other people out there, my idea of growing a business was all about business and financial models and how I could “cheat” the system to gain more sales. I was living and breathing with sales funnels and catching my potential customers at the right time and with the right mindset. My whole mentality on starting and growing a business has all changed now, and, in this post, I will talk about why you should and how you can integrate the art of giving in business within your current or new upcoming projects.